About Us

Our History

Derecho set out to create a place for independent sales representatives to learn, access, and sell new SaaS solutions to their client base. This online community provides tools, analytics and access to industry transforming technological solutions. Derecho leverages the technology and relationships cultivated by the platform to provide professional services to clients who require strategic, marketing or technical assistance with any business aspects related to the cloud.  

Our Vision

Derecho’s vision is to proliferate independence.  We strive to make our platform the ecosystem for early-stage SaaS, industry-disrupting, startups that will help them grow revenues and provide national exposure without the challenge of developing a sales organization. Additionally, Derecho seeks to enable our clients to achieve expoenential growth while maintaining independence as they seek to fulfill their American dream.  Contact Derecho.  Harness the Power of Cloud.

Some Fun Facts about our company
Total Engagements
SaaS Platform Partners
5 x
Angel Investing Returns
$ 32,545
SaaS Client's MRR