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Derecho has 30 years of strategic and managerial consultative experience in telecommunications, cloud, IoT and integrated technologies.

Industry experience

Derecho has multiple years of experience and successful engagements in Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Utilities, Construction, Transportation, and Public Agencies.

DEEP subject matter expertise

From Sales to Operations, Technological to Mechanical, Strategic to Tactical, Derecho has the expertise to solve yesterday’s problems with today’s capabilities and tools. 

batch update

Today’s business ecosystem is systemically connected internally as well as externally.  To improve businesses must look beyond their walls to realize that improvements need to be made holistically to all connecting points

what we do

Strategic Analyses

Derecho Company can provide high level road maps for technical or business applications that will guide your organization beyond quarterly financial thinking

App & Systems Selection

Derecho has migrated many companies from legacy systems to agile and mobile SaaS applications and is able to exhibit short term ROI for long term gain.

Cloud Management

Companies need the security and integration capabilities that the cloud enables with co-location, hosting or developing your applications

Operational Effectiveness

Derecho was founded on a principle of doing more for less through effective implementation of technology, enabling companies to get back to business

Management Alignment

Derecho assist clients with developing strategies that can align tactics with future goals and aid in the growth plans of progressive companies

Technical Engagement

Derecho knows technology and can manage projects from a websites, to implementing CRM or ERP or harnessing the power of SaaS.

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